Friday, July 8, 2011

Its been a while...

So, it has been almost 2 years since I last blogged and I feel it is now time to really start blogging about life in general.

Recently I have chopped all 12 inches of my hair off. I know a lot. At first it was just small and I went to a simple pixie cut that I liked and played with, but then I got bored and felt it was time for something drastic... a pixie cut. So me being the spontaneous girl I am took my paycheck and chopped it all off. At first... I hated it. I know it was what I wanted but I thought it would look different and so I hated it. I kept telling my mom that I looked like a boy and was all upset and even cried. Pathetic I know. So I called my sister Hope and told her the story; Her being the amazing sister she is convinced me that it is actually adorable and fits my personality and that she loves it. It also helped that my momma called me a movie star. ;] So today when I looked in the mirror I thought, I look good today! Than I ran my hand through the short mess on top of my head and left the mirror feeling better than yesterday. I know its silly but after having long hair since I was old enough to take care of it by myself it is quite a shock! And I definitely don't know how to do it! But I guess that's what Google is for! Haha but I am now satisfied with my hair and learning new fun things to do with it everyday. I will just try and remember this experience next time I am feeling spontaneous. :] haha

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