Friday, July 8, 2011

Its been a while...

So, it has been almost 2 years since I last blogged and I feel it is now time to really start blogging about life in general.

Recently I have chopped all 12 inches of my hair off. I know a lot. At first it was just small and I went to a simple pixie cut that I liked and played with, but then I got bored and felt it was time for something drastic... a pixie cut. So me being the spontaneous girl I am took my paycheck and chopped it all off. At first... I hated it. I know it was what I wanted but I thought it would look different and so I hated it. I kept telling my mom that I looked like a boy and was all upset and even cried. Pathetic I know. So I called my sister Hope and told her the story; Her being the amazing sister she is convinced me that it is actually adorable and fits my personality and that she loves it. It also helped that my momma called me a movie star. ;] So today when I looked in the mirror I thought, I look good today! Than I ran my hand through the short mess on top of my head and left the mirror feeling better than yesterday. I know its silly but after having long hair since I was old enough to take care of it by myself it is quite a shock! And I definitely don't know how to do it! But I guess that's what Google is for! Haha but I am now satisfied with my hair and learning new fun things to do with it everyday. I will just try and remember this experience next time I am feeling spontaneous. :] haha

Friday, March 19, 2010

Home at last

I am now home, freshly showered and fresh. And now in comfy pajamas. It feels AMAZING! I am so happy to be home and seeing my family and being with everyone. YAY! haha. Home sweet home. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

India Day 16

So we landed in Goa yesterday afternoon and as soon as i stepped out of the plane doors i was hit with an intense breeze that carried a gallon of humid air. It is worse than Indianapolis. It is about 20 more degrees than anywhere else in India but amazingly gorgeous. We drove about an hour to a beach where we are staying in little grass huts with cute little beds and a mosqiuto net for above you. It is really nice and the beach is beautiful. We swam the rest of the first day in the Arabian Sea. The waves are HUGE! Then today we took a boat trip to see DOLPHINS! I saw about 6 or 7 dolphins and the ones here are so different from ones you see at Sea World. They were a deep gray with some white patches around their fins. I saw a whole body of an Arabian Dolphin! Haha. It gave me a much different feeling than i thought i would get. We all got really quit and whispered our "oohs" and "awws" because, for me atleast, it put you in a magical daze... Just made you feel so happy and free. I really liked seeing the dolphins. Then after that we went to a private beach and swam around for a bit there. Then after a long sun-filled day we headed back for some dinner and now here i am in a little internet cafe down the road. I really like Goa besides the humidity. Oh by the way Goa is a state and we are in the city Canacona. It is in the middle of no where and really quiet. After dark it becomes magical. I think tonight we get to have a fire on the beach so as soon as i can i will update. Miss you all and love you all. :) 4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

India Day 11

Sorry i have not written in sometime. The internet is difficult and we have been super busy! Haha but lets see, the Camal Trek in the Bikiner Desert was AMAZING! I must admit i am a pretty pro Camal rider! Haha I got to ride the Camal all day and sun tan and feel like an The India Princess with my little scarf and cute Camal! We rode through the desert for 6 hours with a 1 hour stop for lunch. It was fun being in the desert even though it got quite hot.
(Don't worry papa i drank 3 bottles of water that day. ;)) Then we got to stay the night in the Desert and we watched the sunset and it was gorgeous. The sun illuminated the sand to a bright orange and a soft pink and we all sat around and talked and it was really peaceful and a nice bonding moment for us Walden students. :) We all rose with the sun the next morning to a cool morning and a journey back. We all had to ride in the carts though cause the camals needed rest which was fine cause we played Smirf the whole way back and laughed and got MORE tan. After that we drove to Jodhpur. We spent 3 nights there and us girls shopped till we dropped. Literally! It was a blast. They had such cute bags and pants and jewelry it was so much fun.
We also toured the old Palace Fort. It is HUGE! We got an audio tour and it told us all these awesome stories that go along with all my pictures like the canon ball wholes in the wall and the paintings and the rooms. Like the Pleasure Room where the Maharaja got to sit and dine and get entertained by dancers and jokers. It was a gorgeous room much the less. It had stain glass windows and huge couches that looked like cotton candy. Then the last day we were in Jodhpur we went and met the Maharaja's Uncle. He was hilarious. He told us stories of his child hood and growing up in the palace and stories of the parties he went too. And his crazy Nannny who would take him on a drive everyday after dinner and if she saw a donkey being riden and spanked or a horse getting whipped she would stop the car and get out and smack the man doing it! He said they would go out and everyone would see the car and hurry away. Or like when he would go visit his mother and she would try and feed him candy and the nanny would yell at her and say "dont feed my baby that crap!" then the mother would get mad at the father and say "Who's baby is he?!" The Maharaja's Uncle loved his nanny. You could tell by his face when he talked about her. :) After Jodhpur we left on the 23 hour train ride. That was pretty insane. We didnt know we had to take food so everyone was starving and we had to wait till dinner. It was a pretty intense ride. And finally we ended up here in Rishikesh. The first day we were here we went to the Ganges and did the ceremony called Aarti. Where everyone lights a candle in a little flower shrine and sends it down the Ganges. There were Holy men there chanting and people singing and it was really amazing and spiritual. They do this every night and you can sometimes hear it from the hotel which is fun. The second day we got to Raft in the Ganges. It was probably the funnest thing we have done so far for me! We got to swim and go through HUGE rapids! So big that i even got knocked out of the raft on one! Oh geez it was a blast. We got to swim for a lot of it and even though it was freezing you got used to if after 5 minutes and me, Bev, Annette, and Jerry swam while Nate and Eli worked on there tans. It was a weird mix up but sooo much fun. It was a 5 hour rafting trip. 2 hours in the morning, then lunch, then 2 more hours all for 500 rupees which in American money is about 10 dollars. Best 10 dollars i have spent yet besides all the amazing presents i bought for my family!!! :D Then today we went and hiked up to the top of this mountain where there was a temple and then when you looked all around you you could see the Himalayas! Some were covered by clouds but it was still amazing. The hike was a bit vigourous but well worth the panting. :P Even though on the ride back i got a bit sick because the roads are about 10 feet wide and whinding around the whole mountain it was still beautiful while it lasted! Haha but we leave Rishikesh tomorrow at about 5 pm India time and we are headed back to Delhi to fly to Goa so hopefully tomorrow night i can blog again. Thanks for reading! (love you papa, mama, Sara, Abby, Jake, Owen, Emily, Hope, Trey, Tuffy, Paul, Nona, Beau, 8ters, Porter, Ivy, and Chief! Miss you all too! 8 days! :))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

India Day 3

SO today we went to The Monkey Temple where monkeys just roam free. It was pretty funny. There was some super cute little ones and than big fat ones that growled at you. It was a gorgeous temple. We got led into the back where a holy man was praying and he blessed us all with holy oil and gave us holy bracelets. It was pretty spiritual surprisingly. I have some sweet pictures. Then we went to a shop and i got my sister Abby something she will LIIIKKKEEE!!! :) And then we went to a fort called Amber (A-mar) Fort. It was this big wall like the great wall of China surrounding this tiny tiny holy city. It was gorgeous art work. That is also where the Maharajah and his 12 wives lived. The architecture was beyond anything i have seen. It was all carved out of stone with stain glass windows and mirrors in the walls with silver inbeded in the ceilings and it was just amazing and gorgeous. Pictures as well. :P After the fort we all came back to the hotel, ate food. And then some of us went and got Oil Massages. It was unreal! The best massage i have ever had by far. I even fell asleep and woke up drooling (which made me think of my papa and then i missed him a lot and wish he could have gotten one as well). The oil was so hot and i feel so relaxed and soft. Definitely a good day. Tomorrow we start our Camel Trek so no posting for at least 2 days. I love you all and cant wait for your comments. :) Night.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

India day 1-2

Today was crazy. It is the day before Holy and people are already celebrating by throwing powder and water balloons and getting these huge bon fire sticks ready. Its insane. We rode in Rickshaws (these little bike cars) and sense we are American... We got the worst of it. Kids would literally just come up and smack into your face. Then they would throw water balloons from above and spray water guns and it was just a blast cause everyone would yell "HAPPY HOLY" Today we also went on a tour of the 'Street Kids' where we got to see families and kids that lived on the train tracks. I have some intense pictures but sadly i cant download them but they will be up soon. It was shocking to see some of the kids and things that was going on around them. A little 6 month old girl was just crawling down the gravely dirt path eating rocks when it could get a fistful. Then we went to what is kinda of like a big school for street boys. They were all yelling at us to take their picture then wanted us to show them . They would all giggle and point and yell at their friends about it. It was cute. But there was this one boy who couldn't see or here and his friend brought him up and he would run his hands on your camera and bags... It was sad and touching. So far this trip has been so exotic to me and i am trying to learn from the people as much as possible. Tomorrow we ride the train for 4 hours to the Taj Mahal and and then after spending a few hours at the Taj Mahal we are driving to Jaipur and we are spending 4 days there. I hear that is shopping heaven for hippy stuff so Abby and Hopey i'll be spending for you. :) I miss you family so much and i wish i could share this with you. I love you a ton and miss you so much. I hope to post again soon but i do not know when the next time i will have internet is so just know mama and family, i am safe, not sick, cant find an ATM and am having a blast. I love you guys! And i cant wait to share more crazy stories soon! Time to sleep. Night. :]

Thursday, February 25, 2010

9 hours...

I am getting even more nervous. Like it all just barley hit me that i am leaving in 9 HOURS! Wow... India. Me. Little Winter. Is going to HUGE India. It's an unreal feeling. I didnt really believe at first till my going away party with my family when everybody said "We'll miss you!" It made me say, 'woah. I'm leaving! In 9 hours!' Its a crazy feeling. But, i think i will try and sleep so wish me luck. I will hopefully be able to write before my flight so be ready! Night fellow followers. :]